Hello, I'm Faye Trimm, a mom, a wife and a nanny. I believe my passion for photography lies within my soul and always has, since owning  my first point and shoot camera at the age of 12.   I have purchased better gear over the years to capture more beautiful images of those moments that you want to remember and keep forever!  your baby's smile, their face, their toes, their first birthdays, the candid shots you always want to capture into "LIFETIME MEMORIES".   My photography is much more than a hobby,


I want to capture every moment, the ones that can't be redone. Put those images into   " A TRUE FAMILY TREASURES" for a lifetime memory for future generations to come.  there is no where I'd rather be than behind my camera taking those images and making them into memories for my/your family and friends.  I am excited and look forward to being your "GO TO PHOTOGRAPHER", for all of your needs.


Your portraits should be unigue and a reflection of you and your family.


Give us a call and we can make that happen!!!!